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2014-Oct-26 - Natsu no Himegoto, otemotoya, their excessive erotic, Lolita animation game, now 3D!

One of my favorite Japanese hentai doujin moe Circle is otemotoya, their new doujin game, Natsu no Himegoto is released.


The contents of a work


The fine shout which is mixed with the country of summer, and the sound of a cicada and can be heard.

You who had too much time on your hands and were taking a nap in the shade of a tree were invited to your niece Futaba by hide-and-seek.

And it gets soaked in sweat, and while playing, it comes to the old private house which is not used now.


That was a capital secret place, for hiding


This is summer's just a little bit dirty occurrence of the marriageable precocious twins sister who wants to stand on tiptoe, and the uncle whom age left for a while.


- Basic animation 50+ text.

- Animation resolution 960x600


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My friends, it has often been said that I like hentai doujin moe.Friends, I like u15 hentai doujin moe... No, friends, I love hentai doujin moe! Thank you for visiting my site, hentai doujin moe fun site. I am hentai doujin moe fun, Keath. How you enjoy my site for Japanese hentai doujin moe only site. My site aim at reviewing hentai doujin moe animation using capture pics and sample animation. For your entertainments, hope this site hentai doujin moe will help. One of my favorite Japanese hentai doujin moe Circle is otemotoya. thier popular text and animation doujin game ?????Natsu no Himegoto?????. Well, I am totally speechless, just see their work, and you know my mean. Please see my entry for otemotoya. Another my favorite japanese hentai doujin moe Circle is KooooN Soft. Their 2014 top sales ranking japanese hentai doujin moe game is WITCH GIRL -EROTIC SIDE SCROLLING ACTION GAME 2. Luckily, they have English contents, so you can enjoy now. And off course, don???????t forget to mention, maron?????maron, this super popular hentai doujin moe Circle is release their new game, rape gouhouka!!! (Legalization of rape!!!) you can easily see how their moe going on. And their so erotic pretty pictures and animation.

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